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Milli-Q® Lab Water Purification Consumables

Milli-Q® Application POD-Paks Range

Our specialized portfolio of lab water system consumables covers every stage of the water purification process—from pretreatment and purification, to storage and distribution. Use the table below to find the cartridges, UV lamps, filters, and polishers you need for your water purification system.

Advantages of Milli-Q® lab water purification consumables include:

  • Adaptable to different feed water qualities
  • Consistent and reliable water quality for almost any application
  • Validated with strict quality assurance protocols
  • Genuine ISO 9001 certified parts
  • Designed to perfectly fit your Milli-Q® water purification system


Why is it critical to change water system consumables on time and with genuine parts?

Purification cartridges and other consumables play a core role in the water purification process as their objective is to remove or keep out contaminants. This protects the quality of your purified water supply and prevents system damage.

To ensure consistently high-quality purified water and the long lifetime of your water purification system, it’s critical to replace your water system consumables on time and with genuine ISO 9001-certified parts.

On-time replacement of water system consumables:

  • Helps to guarantee water quality
  • Prevents system damage and contamination
  • Fulfills validation criteria
  • Protects the integrity of your lab’s work

Final Filters & Polishers Adapt Water Quality to Your Needs

Does your lab use purified water to perform a variety of applications? You'll find that our range of application POD-Paks is the perfect solution to meet the needs of your various applications and your most stringent requirements. Each POD-Pak filter or polisher targets specific types of contaminants and removes them right at the Q-POD® or E-POD® dispenser. If you need several types of ultrapure or pure water, simply connect different POD-Paks to your different dispensing units.

Consumables replacement scheduling with a Milli-Q® Consumables Supply Agreement (CSA)

The POD-Pak range includes:

  • Millipak® & sterile Millipak® Gold 0.22 µm filters: Bacteria- and particulate-free water
  • Biopak® polisher: Pyrogen-, nuclease-, protease- and bacteria-free water
  • VOC-Pak® polisher: water for volatile organic compounds related analyses
  • EDS-Pak® polisher: water for endocrine disruptor-related applications
  • LC-Pak® polisher: water for ultra-trace organic sensitive applications

Consumables Replacement Scheduling with a Consumables Supply Agreement

Keep your Milli-Q® system running at peak performance and make ordering easy. A Consumables Supply Agreement (CSA) ensures you always have the right consumables at the right time—plus it simplifies the purchasing process. It’s the easiest, most economical and reliable solution to guarantee your water’s quality.

  • Only 1 purchase order
  • Automatic deliveries
  • Never miss an expiry date
  • Preferred pricing
  • Flexibility to adjust
  • Only genuine ISO 9001-certified parts from traceable lots

e-Sure RFID tags ensure data traceability

e-Sure tags provide indispensable data traceability. Based on RFID technology, these digital markings are present on most consumables to provide quality and safety assurance, as well as traceability.

  • Automatically record consumables data and events in system memory
  • Monitor consumable status directly on the system interface

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