OFET & OPV Materials

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We offer a wide range of materials for OFET & OPV applications, such as carbon nanomaterials​, conductive polymers​, p-type and n- type semiconductor polymers​, inks for printed electronics​, ready-to-use conductive substrates​, self-assembly materials​, and small organic molecules. 

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Organic Field Effect Transistors

Organic photovoltaics

Organic Field Effect Transistors

We offer a wide range of high-purity, high-performance p-type and n-type organic semiconductor materials and inks (including small molecules, polymers), organic conductors and dielectric materials, as well as building blocks for making new active materials used in OFETs. We also offer a series of prefabricated electrodes for fast prototyping of OFETs, requiring only one simple step of applying your semiconducting materials: 
  • backgated
  • high channel width to length (W/L) ratio
  • one dice with multiple varied W/L ratio devices
  • high reliability and reproducibility
  • reliable ohmic source/drain contacts
  • selection of dielectric thickness and device configuration
  • matching testing equipment with reliable pad contact without the need of a probe station

Organic photovoltaics

Organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology is a rapidly growing field due to recent breakthroughs in innovative materials and design optimization. Novel production processes employ high-throughput, large-volume printing on lightweight, flexible plastic substrates for low-cost solar energy devices. Advances to OPV performance have widely been contributed to the use of donor-acceptor (DA) polymers.

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