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SPME Portable Field Sampler

coating CAR/PDMS


fused silica SPME fiber

Quality Level

needle size

24 ga


pack of 2


75 μm (CAR/PDMS)


solid phase microextraction (SPME): suitable

fiber L

1 cm

matrix active group

CAR/PDMS coating


food and beverages

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General description

Concentrate and Store Analytes from Water; Sample Indoor Air - The SPME portable field sampler is an efficient and economical way of extracting and transporting volatile and semivolatile compounds from field samples. Extracted compounds storage losses for pesticides extracted and stored using a portable field sampler were significantly lower than losses from stored whole water samples. The sampler can be reused 50-100 times, and is disposed of when the fiber is no longer usable.
The portable field sampler also efficiently detects organic compounds in air. In our studies, the sampler allowed us to monitor typical HPLC and GC solvents at ppb levels in laboratory air. Four fibers are available: a polydimethylsiloxane
(PDMS)/Carboxen fiber for trace levels of volatiles, a general purpose PDMS fiber, a PDMS/DVB fiber for semi-volatiles and larger volatiles, and a Carbowax/DVB fiber for polar semivolatiles.
Five slots in the needle guide/depth gauge control the depth of needle insertion into a sample container, or into the injection port during fiber desorption.
Assemblies contain 24 gauge needles. 23 gauge needles and other coatings may be available as customs.

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