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Ultrafiltration & Diafiltration

Ultrafiltration & diafiltration are important steps throughout bioprocessing to increase capacity, concentration, and recovery. Increasingly, single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) is being implemented in continuous or intensified processes to reduce in-line volumes.

Our industry leading TFF portfolio includes filters, hardware, and systems for a range of high value applications and demanding processes that require unbeatable performance and consistency. 

a complex industrial machine, primarily grey with blue accents, featuring a large stainless steel mixing bowl, a control panel with buttons and a screen, and additional mechanical parts such as pipes and valves.
Tangential Flow Filtration Holders & Systems

Our tangential flow (crossflow) filtration systems are engineered for low hold-up volume, maximum volume concentration, and optimal product recovery in single-use and multi-use applications from process development to large-scale manufacturing, with compatible holders available for expendables.

a tangential flow filtration device characterized by multiple yellowish tubes aligned vertically and parallel, connected to a metallic frame, with four rods securing the structure, and a robust metallic base for stability during operation.
Tangential Flow Filtration Devices

From single-use to multi-use, our tangential flow filtration products are ideal for a range of high-value applications – consistently delivering purity assurance at every stage and scale throughout the lifecycle of your drug products, including mAbs, ADCs, plasma IgG, insulin, vaccines, and viral vectors.

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