Live Cell Imaging Reagents

Cell tracking and labeling reagents for live cell imaging.

Live cell imaging in real time allows scientists to monitor dynamic cellular events that otherwise escape observation using traditional endpoint techniques like fixed imaging and PCR that capture only a static moment in time. Our portfolio of live cell imaging reagents includes novel fluorescent cell labeling technologies for cell tracking, fluorescent lentiviral biosensors, traditional fluorescent dyes and probes to analyze cellular events in real-time. These reagents are optimal for capturing dynamic cellular events with real-time incubation and imaging systems like the CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic live cell imaging system.

PKH and CellVue® Fluorescent Cell Linker Labeling

PKH and CellVue® Fluorescent Cell Linker Kits provide fluorescent membrane labeling of live cells for long-term live cell imaging experiments.

Key attributes of PKH and CellVue® dyes include:

  • Stable for up to 100 days on live cells in vivo
  • Safe for eukaryotic cells, bacterial cells, and parasites
  • No significant dye leakage or cell-to-cell transfer
  • Uniform and reproducible signal
  • Spectrally different dyes allow multicolor analysis
  • Compatible with other fluorescent labels
  • Cited in over 7,000 publications

LentiBrite™ Fluorescent Lentiviral Biosensors

LentiBrite™ Fluorescent Lentiviral Biosensors are a suite of pre-packaged lentiviral particles that code for fluorescent proteins associated with autophagy, apoptosis, and cell structure for insights from these processes in live cells.

Lentiviral Biosensors feature:

  • Pre-packaged, ready-to-use format, tagged with monomeric GFP & RFP
  • Minimum titer (≥3 x 108 IFU/mL) per vial
  • Superior transfection efficiency to chemical-based methods
  • For dividing, non-dividing, and hard-to-transfect cells like primary cells or stem cells
  • Non-disruptive of cellular function

BioTracker Live Cell Fluorescent Dyes and Stains

BioTracker Live Cell dyes are cell-permeable dyes for live-cell applications such as organelle labeling, apoptosis detection, cell viability and cell health analysis, hypoxia monitoring, reactive oxygen species tracking, calcium indicator function, and neural and stem cell (SCR150, SCT029, SCT046) cultures.

LuminiCell Tracker™ Fluorescent Nanoparticles​

LuminiCell Tracker™ fluorescent nanoparticles provide an effective, simple, and nontoxic reagent for long-term cell tracking experiments.  Based on aggregation-induced emission (AIE) technology, these cell tracking dyes have been encapsulated into biocompatible, cell-permeable, fluorescent nanoparticles (AIE Dot) that provide enhanced photostability, ultra-bright fluorescence, and low cellular toxicity for bioimaging applications over extended periods of time.​

  • Brighter: 10X brighter than many alternative cell labeling technologies​
  • Photostable: 3X fluorescence longevity, without signal quenching​
  • Biocompatible: Nontoxic organic nanoparticles developed for biological applications​
  • Rapid Protocol: Easy-to-follow protocol labels cells in four hours or less

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