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Grinders & Homogenizers

Samples must be homogenized to an adequate degree of analytical fineness and uniformity for chemical and physical analytical methods. Proper sample preparation can impact throughput, data quality, and cost of analysis. We offer a comprehensive range of laboratory mills, grinders, sonicators, and homogenizers for coarse, medium, fine, and ultrafine size reduction of almost any material. These tools are used in labs including chemistry, forensics, pharmaceutical production, food testing, materials science, environmental analysis, and life science applications.   

  • Sieves are mesh devices used to manually separate particles by size.
  • Mills and grinders are used for to break dry or wet samples into smaller particles by grinding, crushing, or cutting.
  • Blades are used in mills to cut up samples into finer particles.
  • Hand-held and bench top homogenizers blend chemical or biological samples thoroughly using various methods.
  • Sonicators are homogenizers that use sound energy to agitate particles in laboratory extraction methods. Probes are attached and can be switched for efficient homogenization of various sample volumes.

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Our laboratory mills are ideal for batch grinding and dry grinding of hard and brittle substances. They are especially suitable for grinding seeds, such as corn and wheat.

Hand-Held Grinders

We offer a range of hand-held grinders from DWK KIMBLE® Dounce All-Glass tissue grinders designed for cellular work in which the nucleus remains intact after homogenization, to Benchmark Scientific′s handheld rotor-stator homogenizer, the D1000. This works by drawing the sample, in liquid, into the generator probe with the variable speed rotor, and then forcing it out through the slots in the stator. This achieves mechanical shearing of the sample and is designed to rapidly homogenize, emulsify, suspend, and disrupt biological samples.

Mortars & Pestles

Our mortars and pestles are designed to be effective on larger, harder samples and are available in a variety of materials to provide detergent resistance, thermal endurance, or a completely impervious surface.

Grinding Resins

Molecular Grinding Resin™ has been specifically developed for effectively grinding biological samples for extraction of DNA, RNA, and proteins. The resin is high tensile micro-particles, which effectively disrupt nuclei and other cell organelles. Molecular Grinding Resin™ does not bind protein or nucleic acids. Simply mix the biological sample with Molecular Grinding Resin™ and grind or homogenize the sample.


Ultrasonic processors can be the best choice for cell disruption in bacteria and spores. They can be used for accelerating catalytic reactions, extractions of toxins or enzymes from organic sources, solubilizing difficult compounds, and emulsification to 0.01 mm.

Bench Top Homogenizers

Benchmark Scientific’s BeadBug™ homogenizer enables simultaneous homogenization of samples inside disposable 2 mL screw cap microtubes. The optimized mixing motion causes rapid cell disruption through constant high-velocity impact from the hardened micro-beads. With a capacity of 3 or 6 samples, it is the ideal instrument for low to medium throughput laboratories.

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