Fluid Transport & Storage

A variety of Mobius® single-use fluid storage and transport systems, which include cylindrical containers on wheels for easy mobility, a rack with multiple bag compartments for organized fluid storage, and cubical vessels that suggest a modular approach to fluid management in manufacturing operations. The systems are marked with the Mobius® logo.
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In single-use manufacturing operations, Mobius® Storage Systems delivers efficient, ergonomic, and scalable fluid management solutions to your production floor. We offer a range of options for product storage, transfer, handling, and transport, including polyethylene (PE) drums, stainless steel bins, collapsible bins, and container carts.   

Benefits include:

  • Reduced operator error
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Greater flexibility and mobility
  • Support for your single-use technologies

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Polyethylene (PE) drums and bins

Our polyethylene drums are designed for media and buffer solutions in process-scale disposable manufacturing applications. Available in 50 L, 100 L and 200 L sizes, these stackable drums hold single-use standard assemblies with both top and bottom container port arrangements, including those with filter capsules attached to tube sets in sterile applications. Compatible dolly options are available for support and ease of handling.

Collapsible bins

Providing easy storage during manufacturing stages such as buffer preparation, media delivery, and final product formulation, our collapsible bins can securely accommodate process containers from 100 L to 1,000 L. When not in use, they are both collapsible and stackable for optimal space utilization in crowded clean-room environments.

Stainless steel bins

Mobius® stainless steel bins offer an advanced solution for the use and storage of media, buffer solutions, and additional intermediates in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Available in a broad range of standard configurations from 200 L to 1,500 L, they accommodate a range of process containers from Mobius® and other manufacturers.

  • Large single door for easy access and container positioning
  • 304/304L stainless steel construction
  • Convenient slide-out tray
  • Easy folding design eliminates need for operator or mechanical assistance during filling
  • Animal-derived component-free materials in single-use construction
  • Custom-designed 2,000 L to 3,000 L stainless steel bins can be accommodated

Container carts

Mobius® container carts make 2D bag container handling and storage easy and safe, while protecting container integrity and valuable contents. Movable with a small footprint, they provide maximum process flexibility. Each cart supports up to six process containers in 10 L, 20 L, and 50 L sizes. Carts include a frame and six container cradles that slide forward and lock in place for easy loading and unloading. A convenient handle helps operators tilt the racks for better drainage.

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