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Excipients for Your Liquid Application

A collection of liquid pharmaceutical formulations. The items include: A large bottle with red liquid and a white cap, possibly representing an oral liquid medication. A smaller dropper bottle with yellow-brown liquid, likely for ophthalmic or otic use. A medical syringe filled with blue fluid, indicating parenteral administration. An ampoule lying horizontally in front of the other items, typically used for single-use parenteral medications. These items are displayed against a plain white background.

Liquid formulations are an essential part of any pharmaceutical portfolio. As your ideal partner for liquid applications we provide excipients for both small molecule and large molecule liquid formulations, and for liquid formulations that target different administration routes such as parenteral, ophthalmic, oral, nasal and otic preparations.

As we take pride in supporting our customers beyond the supply of excipients for liquid dosage forms, our comprehensive offering features:

  • A broad product portfolio, manufactured according to the IPEC PQG GMP Guidelines
  • First-class services and regulatory support
  • Comprehensive ready-to-use Emprove® documentation

Whether you formulate solutions, emulsions, or suspensions, we can attend to your special formulation needs with cutting-edge excipients for your liquid dosage forms, customer-oriented solutions, and extensive regulatory know-how that includes our industry-leading Emprove® Program.

Oral Liquids

When formulating an oral liquid dosage form, there are numerous aspects to consider: storage stability and potential interactions, microbial quality, raw material characteristics such as solubility and particle size, dose uniformity and potency, taste – to name just a few.

We attend to your specific needs and are here to support you in every step of development, scale-up, and production.

  • Comprehensive product portfolio covering all oral liquid formulations, including emulsions, suspensions, solutions and syrups
  • High-quality raw materials meeting compendial requirements

Flyer: Your Partner for Liquid Dose Applications

Parenteral Formulations

Sterile liquid applications, including small molecule formulations as well as large molecule modalities, like monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and plasma-derived products, demand excipients with the highest standards of quality, purity and reliability. Benefit from our experience in highly regulated areas, our dedicated portfolio of products addressing high-risk applications and tailored regulatory support by our experts.

  • Emprove® Expert product portfolio that meets the requirements of high-risk liquid applications
  • Specified low endotoxin and bioburden levels
  • Elemental Impurity Information according to ICH Q3D
  • Emprove® Program and documentation supporting risk assessment

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For an ophthalmic formulation to succeed, making sure all of its properties are in line with regulatory guidelines right from the start is essential.

We are aware that developing formulations to treat ocular diseases is challenging and that requirements for the final product are high. This is why our support goes beyond providing excipients – we are there for you all the way.

  • A vast portfolio of top-quality raw materials for all dosage forms in line with ophthalmic industry standards and needs
  • Seamless service to support your process from formulation to final fill
  • Special capabilities and services such as customized packaging available on request

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