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Protein Gel Electrophoresis and Transfer Equipment

What is protein gel electrophoresis? Protein gel electrophoresis is a method that often uses various systems and transfer equipment to separate a diverse mixture of proteins by their molecular weight. Subsequent protein analyses include protein purification, proteomics, and Western Blotting applications. A variety of electrophoresis cells and transfer systems for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), SDS-PAGE, 2D-PAGE, and wet protein transfer systems are available for your needs.

Explore our rapid gel casting, electrophoresis, and transfer equipment product solutions:

mPAGE® Lux Casting System for SDS-PAGE

Add mPAGE® Lux Casting System to your lab and have ready-to-go gels in under 3 minutes. Take a breath and get used to a fast gel casting process with less waste and without the worry of failure. That’s fresh.

The mPAGE® Lux Casting System replaces your SDS-PAGE gel casting process with faster, simpler, and safer methods with more reproducible results.

  • Cure a mini gel in 90 seconds with the mPAGE® Lux Casting System compared to conventional methods that take more than 90 minutes.
  • Bis-Tris gel chemistry allows for shorter run times compared to conventional methods.
  • mPAGE® Caster prevents leakage.
  • Superior band quality compared to Tris-Glycine gels.
  • All buffers and stains can be shared as the same chemistry is used with mPAGE® TurboMix casting kits and mPAGE® precast gels.
  • Less toxic chemicals used. No APS or TEMED required.

Auto2D® 2D-PAGE and 2D-DIGE Device

Figure 1.Auto2D® 2D-PAGE and 2D-DIGE Device.

Auto2D® Electrophoresis Device

Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis has generally been regarded as difficult to perform and time-consuming, requiring advanced user training while offering low reproducibility and high inter-operator variability.

The Auto2D® 2-D Electrophoresis Device provides a fully automatable user-friendly solution for highly reproducible, rapid results and analysis.

  • Fully automated to eliminate tedious handling steps
  • Fast results in 1-2 hours
  • High reproducibility 
  • Easy to use, with no advanced training required
  • Lower inter-operator variability
  • Quick workflow implementation for reduced lab downtime


Discover our new mPAGE® complete solution for casting mini gels. The mPAGE® Gel Caster and Mini Gel System offer a leak-free solution for hand-casting up to 2 mini protein gels, high-resolution protein separation on precast or hand-cast gels, and electrophoretic transfer to blotting membranes. For outstanding resolution and reduced run times, use our TurboMix® Bis-Tris Acrylamide Gel Casting and mPAGE® Bis-Tris Precast Gel solutions along with the compatible mPAGE® Buffer Systems.


  • Simplify hand casting gels and eliminate leakage during the casting process
  • Hand cast up to 2 mini gels (8 x 10 cm) at one time
  • Maximum flexibility with gel caster available as a standalone device or comes as a device kit with the plates and combs
  • Mini Short Plates and Spacer Plates: 0.75 mm, 1.0 mm, or 1.5 mm thickness
  • Combs: 10 wells and 15 wells


  • Prevents incorrect assembly and leakage
  • Compatible with gels cast on the mPAGE® Gel Caster and mPAGE® Precast Gels
  • Available in 2 formats for running up to 2 or 4 mini gels (8 x 10 cm)
  • Accommodates 2 gel holder cassettes for protein transfer to Immobilon® PVDF or NC blotting membrane

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