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Scepter Cell Counter Sensors

60 µm sensors designed to count particles between 6 μm & 36 μm

Automated Cell counter tips

Quality Level




10,000 particles/mL particle concentration (500,000 particles/mL)
50 μL sample volume


cell counting: suitable

particle size

6–36 μm


for use with cells sized 8.0–25.0 μm

shipped in


General description

The Scepter 2.0 handheld automated cell counter provides a fast and convenient method for counting cells and particles and is compatible with both the 40 and 60uM sensor. The system employs the Coulter principle in a miniaturized, handheld, format enabling rapid cell counting; what used to take 10 minutes now takes less than 30 seconds. The user prepares a dilution of the cell culture of interest and uses the Scepter cell counter to aspirate a sample of this dilution into the Scepter sensor.

The Scepter cell counter’s screen displays:

Cell concentration
Average cell size
Average cell volume
Histogram of size or volume distribution
This system is intended for research use only and has been tested with cell types representative of those in use today.
The Scepter sensor is engineered with a micro-fabricated, cell-sensing zone that enables discrimination by cell size and cell volume - down to sub-micron and sub-picoliter resolution.

Coupled with precision liquid handling channels and electronics, the Scepter sensor accurately and reliably provides cell population statistics


60 µm sensors designed to count particles between 6 μm & 36 μm
Research Category
Cell Culture

Storage Class Code

10-13 - German Storage Class 10 to 13

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