Filter Integrity Testing

Integrity testing services for sterilizing-grade filters.

Filter integrity testing is a critical step in manufacturing of sterile drug products. With regulatory agencies and the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) recommending pre-use and requiring post-use integrity testing, you can rely on our integrity testing to follow industry best practices — not only establishing a product-specific filter integrity test specification, but rigorously checking for leaks or filter damage in our sterilizing-grade filters. 

Product-specific specification and testing

The Certificate of Quality for our filters includes minimum integrity test specifications for wetting with standard wetting fluids, such as water for hydrophilic filters or alcohol for hydrophobic filters. But determining a specific integrity test specification with other fluids such as product, buffer, or other flushing fluids can be to your advantage, minimizing delays in production and product release. This is because:

  • The process fluid may have different properties than standard integrity testing fluids, which can alter the integrity test result
  • Failure to thoroughly flush the process fluid can suppress the bubble point and result in false failures

Our testing can establish the water-to-product integrity ratio, and thus determine the minimum acceptable integrity test value for filters wetted with process fluid. We can also determine the integrity specification for a filter wetted with product and rinsed out with your specific rinsing fluid.

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