Our broad range of GMP products covers pharmaceutical raw materials for the development and manufacturing of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms for small and large molecules. Additionally, we offer a portfolio of drug delivery compounds (DDCs), as well as solutions for solubility enhancement and controlled release.

Speed up your raw material qualification process and benefit from our application know-how and regulatory support consisting of the comprehensive Emprove® Dossier Library.

Controlled release kinetics of final drug products
Advanced Drug Delivery

Our portfolio of customizable GMP biodegradable polymers, synthetic lipids, and functionalized polyethylene glycols enables you to create drug formulations for small molecules, peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids with optimized kinetics to maximize drug product efficacy.

Injectable biologic drugs with syringe
Biomolecule Formulation

Specifically developed for high-risk biopharmaceutical applications, we offer a wide range of buffers, salts and stabilizers low in bioburden and endotoxins. Supported by extensive documentation, they help you to minimize regulatory and quality-associated risks of your biomolecule formulation.

Granulated raw materials for drug applications
Granulated Materials

Free-flowing and easy to handle, our granulated raw materials reduce caking and clumping for enhanced processability, increased manufacturing process speed and improved operator safety in your pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Injectable liquid formulation
Liquid Formulation

As your ideal partner for liquid dosage formulation, we provide excipients for both small molecule and large molecule formulations, as well as for liquid formulations targeting different administration routes such as ophthalmics, nasal, parenteral, oral, and otic preparations.

Tableting formulation
Parteck® Functional Excipients

Particle-engineered Parteck® excipients give your solid dose formulations the functionalities you need for tableting processes, specific drug delivery technologies, or solubility enhancement, backed by stringent quality control and regulatory support.

Parenteral formulations using protein stabilizers
Protein Stabilizers

Developed for small- or large-volume parenteral applications, our portfolio of high-quality sugars, polyols, and amino acids simplifies selection when you face critical challenges such as preventing aggregation during biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Semi-solid formulations.
Semisolid Formulation

Draw on our high-quality pharma raw materials supporting rapid formulation of semi-solid dosage forms, e.g. for topical administration and transdermal drug delivery, backed by global regulatory know-how that enables you to bring your product to market faster.

Newly produced tablets held in the gloved hands of a pharmaceutical worker
Solid Formulation

Our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality raw materials and functionalized excipients helps you meet the challenges of solid formulation pharmaceutical manufacturing, backed by regulatory support for simplified supplier qualification, accelerated processes, and reduced total cost of ownership.

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