RNA Purification

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RNA purification is a critical first step in many analyses due to the easy degradability of RNA. GenElute™ RNA purification kits enable purification of RNA from a variety of sources quickly and efficiently with minimal degradation, maximum purity, and high recovery and yield. GenElute™-E Single Spin RNA purification kits can be used to clean up RNA preps in a single spin for PCR and downstream applications.

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GenElute™ RNA Purification Kits

Classic GenElute™ RNA purification kits use silica or silicon carbide to strongly bind RNA, allowing proteins and other biological contaminants to be removed through wash steps. mRNA purification kits use oligo dT30 covalently linked to polystyrene beads to capture polyadenylated mRNA by hybridization. After washing, purified RNA is eluted. A broad portfolio of GenElute™ purification kits tailored to specific sample types are available, enabling purification of total RNA and mRNA from cells, tissues, serum, plasma, bacteria, viruses, and plant tissue. 


  • High yield, high purity RNA with minimal degradation
  • Comprehensive portfolio of kits optimized for purification of total RNA or mRNA from a variety of sample types
  • Offered in a variety of sizes and formats, from miniprep, midiprep, and maxiprep kits to high-throughput 96-well kits
  • Includes kits for RNA/DNA co-purification
  • Vacuum and spin formats

GenElute™-E single Spin RNA Purification Kits

GenElute™-E RNA purification kits use a negative chromatography technique dependent on size exclusion to isolate and purify nucleic acid in a single spin. Smaller molecules such as proteins become trapped in the pores of the stationary phase of the column. Larger RNA molecules flow through the column quickly because they are too large to enter the pores. By exploiting this difference in size, GenElute™-E purification kits enable RNA purification in a single spin without the need for multiple binding and wash steps.


  • Negative chromatography RNA purification method based on size exclusion
  • Simplified workflow
  • Quick protocol (3 minutes hands-on time, for a total of 15 minutes prep time)
  • Fewer chemical impurities, with no chaotropic salts or alcohol wash solutions that can inhibit downstream processes such as PCR
  • Reduced plastic waste and no hazardous binding or wash buffers
  • Kits tailored for RNA cleanup

RNA Purification Essentials

A variety of reagents are available to protect RNA from degradation. Stabilyser™ reagent is a proprietary formulation of detergents and solutes optimized for efficient extraction, stabilization, and storage of protein, DNA, and RNA from tissue samples. RNaseZAP™ reagent is a cleaning agent for removing RNase from glassware, plastic surfaces, countertops, and pipettors. RNAlater® reagent is an aqueous, non-toxic tissue storage reagent that rapidly permeates tissue to stabilize and protect cellular RNA through RNase inactivation. RNAstable® reagent is used to coat the bottom of storage tubes or wells, protecting picogram to microgram amounts of RNA at room temperature.

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