Membrane Chromatography

Our Natrix® chromatography membrane technology provides a new level of downstream productivity and versatility. The macroporous structure, combined with high functional group density, enables high load capacity and excellent impurity removal at ultra-fast flow rates. With great performance in a single-use and scalable format, our innovative Natrix® products improve process economics and facility utilization. 

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Natrix® Q chromatography membrane

A high-capacity, high-throughput strong anion exchange membrane chromatography device designed for biomolecule purification, Natrix® Q chromatography membrane is a porous polyacrylamide hydrogel containing a high density of pendant quaternary ammonium (Q) binding groups directly polymerized within an inert, macroporous membrane scaffold. The interconnected pore structure and high functional group density enables fast flow rates with impressive throughput to extremely high loads while maintaining excellent impurity removal across a wide range of buffer conditions. Natrix® Q delivers improvements in productivity, flexibility, economic utility, and process robustness for any bioprocess design.


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