Analytical Development for mRNA Vaccines

With proven efficacy as vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, mRNA has revealed its versatility and the fast-to-market potential. mRNA may go beyond prophylactic vaccines and has a promising future as therapeutic vaccines for cancer and as therapeutics across multiple disease areas.

Given the unique characteristics of the mRNA/LNP complex, new expertise and a series of novel analytical capabilities are required to ensure fast, efficacious, and compliant mRNA drug products.

Our assay packages and phase appropriate assay development and validation capabilities provide the product and process knowledge you need to develop a Quality Target Product Profile (QTPP) and identify the Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) to unchain the disruptive potential of your mRNA therapy.

You will benefit from a quantitative, comprehensive understanding of your mRNA assets to de-risk regulatory approvals through our best-in-class testing services, a leading bioinformatics platform, and robust regulatory and technical expertise. 


To help you de-risk and expedite the product and process development of your mRNA vaccine or therapy, we offer a broad selection of assay packages for various stages of development and process control points. In addition, our capabilities in analytical development and stability testing services enable us as a partner in your journey of product and process development. 

Biosafety and residual purity analysis of plasmid DNA
Plasmid DNA Analytical Testing – Template for mRNA Transcription
  • Sequence verification by NGS
  • Concentration and purity by UV spectrophotometry
  • Purity via homogeneity of plasmid using CE-LIF
  • Residual E. coil protein by BCA or ELISA
  • Residual E. coli DNA by qPCR
  • Residual E. coli RNA by qPCR
  • Compendial testing
mRNA QC analytical testing
Drug Substance – mRNA Molecule Analytical Testing
  • RNA content by absorbance
  • mRNA sequence identity confirmation by NGS
  • Capping efficiency by RP-LC/MS
  • Poly A tail characteristics by RP-LC/MS or CE
  • mRNA purity by HPLC
  • Contaminating dsRNA impurities by ELISA
  • Cell-based potency assays
  • Residual plasmid DNA template by qPCR
  • Residual enzymes & proteins
  • Compendial testing
LNP analytical testing
Drug Product - mRNA Encapsulated in LNP or Liposome Analytical Testing
  • RNA identity by NGS
  • Lipid identity by RP-HPLC-CAD
  • LNP size/polydispersity by DLS
  • RNA size and integrity by CGE
  • LNP zetapotential
  • Intact cargo by HPLC
  • Lipid content by RP-HPLC-CAD
  • Encapsulation efficiency by fluorescence or enzyme digestion
  • In vitro / cell-based functional and potency assays
  • Residual ethanol by GC
  • Compendial testing

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