C–H 官能团化

C-H官能团化被称为合成有机化学的最高目标。1 在有机化学、有机金属和催化领域的近期努力在了解C-H键的反应性和利用该洞见形成稳健反应方面取得了重大收获。这表明,是时候广泛地将这些策略引入逆合成字典中。2-11 以选择的、可控的方式将C–H可靠、可预测地转换为C–C、 C–N、 C–O 或 C–X 键有利于步骤经济和减少浪费。



  • Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen and his group have developed ethers which serve as excellent chiral organocatalysts in the direct asymmetric α-functionalization of aldehydes.
  • The synthesis of heteroaromatic and aromatic compounds is at the heart of the chemical industry. The ever-growing demand for new chemical entities, coupled with dwindling resources and time constraints allotted to any given research project, a rapid way to diversify (hetero)aromatic scaffolds is needed.
  • The Du Bois group at Stanford University has made substantial progress within the field of Rh-catalyzed C–H amination via oxidative cyclization of carbamate, sulfamate, sulfamide, urea, and guanidine substrates to give 1,2- and 1,3-heteroatom motifs masked in the form of 5- and 6-membered ring heterocycles.
  • Aryl chlorides are commonly used in cross-coupling reactions and can serve as key intermediates towards the synthesis of pharmaceutical drug candidates and natural products.
  • A recyclable, ligand-free ruthenium catalyst for C–H activation reactions and concomitant C–C bond formation in the presence of water.
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