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Val@M™Application for Validation Activities

Val@M™, an Online Validation Platform Dedicated to BioMonitoring Customers

The Val@M™ application provides technology to help fulfill the requirement to keep electronic records of your validation activities around our QC platforms for microbial contamination testing. From initial qualification of hardware and related consumables to periodic requalification and reliable method validation, we will provide you with digital protocols and online editing and processing features directly on our e-documentation platform Val@M™. Our validation experts have created comprehensive e-protocols to both fulfill your regulatory requirements and streamline your validation processes. Benefit from:

  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Real-time protocol revisions anytime, anywhere
  • Faster approval processes before and after actual usage
  • Improved data integrity and auditability
  • Several users at the same time for a protocol

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