Salts for research, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical research and analytical applications.

Our extensive portfolio of salts is categorized under three portfolio brands dedicated to different applications: 

  • Supelco® products for analytical chemistry
  • Sigma-Aldrich® materials for lab and production
  • SAFC® products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing

Each portfolio brand offers products in a variety of volumes, packaging materials, and with different documentation packages.    

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High Purity Salts for Instrumental Analysis

We supply a broad range of LiChropur™ high purity salts for HPLC and LC-MS analysis, to minimize background noise and signal suppression. These salts are application-tested by our quality control to meet our customers’ expectations.

In addition, we provide Suprapur® high-purity salts with purities ranging from 99.99% up to 99.9999% for your sensitive analyses. Suprapur® high-purity salts for sample preparation in the instrumental analysis are produced under strict conditions and the use of sophisticated production and crystallization techniques. Our ISO 9001 quality management makes sure that Suprapur® salts show high batch-to-batch consistency. A batch-specific Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with an extensive impurity profile is provided for each product.

Salts for Classical Analysis

We offer a comprehensive range of salts for classical analysis under two quality grades: EMSURE® and EMPLURA®. Our salts are manufactured in strictly controlled conditions, mostly at our facilities in Darmstadt, Germany. The outstanding analytical purity of the premium grade EMSURE® salts, makes them ideal for both the qualitative and quantitative inorganic analysis. Most of them meet or exceed international standards such as ISO, ACS, and Reag. Ph Eur., besides being accompanied by an extensive Certificate of Analysis and further useful documentation. Thus, quality control laboratories in the all industries benefit from both the international acceptance of these reagents and the security of analytical laboratory auditing. Further, our EMPLURA® grade salts are commonly used for preparative lab work and basic applications. The EMPLURA® grade salts profit from adequate specifications with the most common parameters and convenient pack sizes.

Quality Salts for Research and Production

Our extensive range of Sigma-Aldrich® salts cover the most common grades within research and production, from reagent grade to our innovative Redi-Dri® anhydrous salts to 99.99%+ metals tested high purity salts. They are the high-quality and proven standard for quality buffers, chemical synthesis, separation, purification, extraction, and other research and production methods for everyday applications. Scalable from bench top to bulk production materials, Sigma-Aldrich® provides reliable salts for your everyday needs.

Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Formulation and Production Products

With regulatory requirements continuously increasing, it becomes more and more important to focus on what really matters: Quality and the right partner throughout your product journey.

We support you in every step of development, scale-up, and production with services that range from process optimization to regulatory affairs support. Our SAFC® portfolio of high-quality products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical formulation and production withstands strict quality control procedures and is produced according to applicable cGMP guidelines.

As part of our Emprove® program, our raw materials also come with extensive documentation facilitating compliance of your pharma and biopharma product, full supply chain transparency and risk mitigation.

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