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Chromatography Columns for Bioprocessing

Chromatography columns are critical to the successful separation of your valuable molecules. We provide columns from lab scale to pilot and process scale, delivering robust and consistent performance with the processing flexibility you need for anything from screening to large-scale production.

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Examples of the various sizes of Vantage® chromatography columns

Vantage® columns for research, development, and production

Vantage® chromatography columns are ideal for development, pilot, or production purification in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Vantage® columns are designed for simple assembly, scalability from R&D to pilot at small-scale production, and zero dead space.

  • Our Vantage® L family of laboratory columns for research and development are ideally suited for small-particle media applications
  • Our Vantage® A2 family of chromatography columns are well-suited for rigid, higher-resolution chromatography media
  • Our Vantage® S2 chromatography columns provide flexibility for a wide range of applications
An example of a QuikScale® chromatography columns, includes a clear glass bottle attached to a stand, set on a white background. The stand has four metal legs with wheels for mobility

QuikScale® scalable family of columns

This robust, scalable family of chromatography columns maximizes process yields, boosts productivity, and shortens time to market. QuikScale® columns achieve ultra-high throughput and deliver greater product purity – at faster linear velocities. They accommodate all media types, are easily and uniformly packed, and deliver optimal resolution across a wide range of applications.

An innovative flow distributor ensures full, uniform media utilization for reproducible and reliable separations. A high-flow option (with operating pressures up to 7 bar and flow rates up to 1,000 cm/hr) maximizes process design flexibility. This allows greater bed height settings when handling media with high flow and/or back pressure requirements.

QuikScale® chromatography columns are designed for:

  • Scalability with a full range of column diameters (from 70 mm to 630 mm) and heights (550 mm to 1,100 mm), as well as bed support pore size (10, 20, and 30 µm)
  • Wide variety of applications – thanks to multiple tube materials (glass, acrylic, stainless steel)
Stainless steel circular chromatography column mounted on a stand. It has multiple vertical tubes connected by metal rings at the top and bottom. Adjustment knobs and levers are present on the stand below the column. The equipment is mounted on a metal stand with caster wheels for mobility.

IsoPak™ columns for process-scale applications

IsoPak™ columns are fast and highly reproducible, delivering consistent chromatographic results that are ideal for process-scale applications. What sets an IsoPak™ column apart is its reproducible packing and unpacking. Due to a unique valve design, slurry is pumped directly into the column, enabling the column to be packed and unpacked without the removal of the top flow cell. By enclosing operations, exposure between the operator and the chromatographic media is drastically limited.

IsoPak™ columns are available in a wide range of diameters (440 to 1,400 mm and higher), tubing materials, and bed heights (500 to 1,000 mm). They provide:

  • Consistent packing and unpacking for reproducible results
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Scalability

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