Minerva ginecologica

[Use of bulking agents in urinary incontinece].

PMID 18981980


Urinary incontinence consist in voluntary urine leakage. Female affected in the world are about 200 thousand. Urinary incontinence affect severely women quality of life. There are different kinds of urinary incontinence that can be treated in different ways. We can use pelvic floor rehabilitation, drug therapy, invasive and non-invasive surgical treatment. Different treatments are used for different incontinence types. Periurethral injection is the most common procedure between non-invasive surgery. The most recent bulking agents occasionally determine severe adverse reaction or complication. Frequently we can have just pain during injection and a temporary urine retention. During the latest years we used a lot of bulking agents: bovine collagen, autologous fat, carbon particles, macroplastique, calcium hydroxylapatite, ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, dextranomer. Urethral injection have success in 40-90%. We can assert that macroplastique is the most efficacy and safe on the basis of literature data and of our experience data. This surgical procedure, in fact, has good percentage of success in accurately selected patients. In our experience Macroplastique can also be used in oncological patients, in elderly women, in patients with important comorbidity and with high surgical risk with good objective and subjective results.

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Y0000744 Dextranomer, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard