Fish & shellfish immunology

Over-inhibition of NADPH oxidase reduce the wound healing in liver of finfish.

PMID 25017371


Wound healing is a complex process involving soluble mediators, blood cells, extracellular matrix, and parenchymal cells in a response that occurs after surgical procedure or traumatic injury. The present study aims to investigate the ROS producing from the injury that involved in the wound healing using the ZFL (zebrafish liver cell) and tilapia partial hepatectomy model. In the ZFL, we observed that while over-inhibition of NADPH activity leading to reduce the wound healing moreover, experiment of the oxidative stress by the extracellular hydrogen peroxide exactly presented to increase the PCNA, BrdU and Ki-67 histopathological repair response of tilapia liver follow partial hepatectomy. We conclude that over inhibition of the NADPH oxidase by DPI may reduce the cell even the tissue in the progress of healing after the injury.