Liquid Solutions

Liquid Manufacture Capability & Capacity

SAFC continues to progress its cGMP liquid manufacturing facilities and capabilities to meet or exceed current industry requirements. SAFC routinely provides a wide range of bulk liquid lot sizes ranging 50L – 10,000L suitable for use in clinical and commercial manufacturing processes.

  • Cell Culture Media
  • Upstream Buffers and Additives
  • Downstream Purification Buffers
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Bulk Water (WFI – grade source)

HTST Capabilities - Glucose

HTST pasteurization is a highly effective method to inactivate viruses. It involves the rapid heating of the material to a predetermined temperature (>100 °C) and holding it at that temperature for a specified time to inactivate adventitious viral agents that may be present. This technology has been typically used as an in-house treatment for high risk bioreactor feeds, such as glucose, and is becoming an integral part of many biopharmaceutical companies’ viral risk-mitigation strategies.

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Dual Liquid Manufacturing Sites

Dual liquid production sites strategically located in North America (Broadway) and Europe (Irvine) have the capacity to support customers with on-going large volume liquid requirements. Both facilities are supported by a single Global Quality System and operated with an aligned local Quality Program.

Bulk Liquid Packaging

SAFC has selected the industry’s leading biopharmaceutical-grade polyethylene-based film, TepoFlex® provided by Meissner as the premier solution for our bulk liquid packaging systems. Innovative in composition, TepoFlex® breaks with the legacy of prevailing films and is one of the most fit-for-purpose films available for biopharmaceutical applications. Manufactured and extruded in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, the TepoFlex® film is characterized by a comprehensive Leachable and Extractable assessment available for review under confidentiality.

SAFC Bulk Liquid Handling Capabilities

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