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Your organization does not need to have an account to order but you need to be registered to place an order through our website.   

Go to the ‘Login/Sign Up’ Tab on our site header and create your profile.  It will give you the option to affiliate your profile with your organization’s account.  If your organization does not have an existing account, you will need to select ‘Continue Registration’ and complete that process. After which, you can submit an order request.

Due to the hazardous and regulated nature of many of our products, our personnel may need to review your order prior to shipping it to your location.   If your order requires further review, you can expect a response from your local office about your account status.

You will receive contractual pricing if you are a registered user and your profile is linked to your organization's account.

To confirm that your profile is linked to an account. Log in and review the pricing of a product that is included in your contract.  If successfully linked, the discounted price will be in red with the list price marked through.  If your registered profile is not linked to an account, you will need to contact us to update your profile.

Registration is fast and easy and a great way to simplify your online experience.  Simply click ‘Login/Sign Up’ on the site header and select ‘Create New Profile.’  During registration, you will be given the option to affiliate your profile with your organization’s account.  This is useful to you, if your organization has contractual pricing or if you plan to order.

If you click on the ‘Login/Sign up’ tab on top of the page, you will be taken to the page that allows you to log in. Under the password field is a ‘Forgot Password?’ link.  When you click on it, it will take you to ‘Reset Password Request’ page.  Enter in your email address and click ‘send email.’  You will then receive a password recovery email. If this doesn’t work, please contact us.

Though you can make some changes to your addresses during the ordering process, these are temporary and are limited to that order.  To make permanent changes to your shipping and/or billing address information, please contact us.

To make a one-time shipping address change to an order click on the edit button located under your shipping address information.  Make the changes needed and click ‘Done.’  Note, editing these address fields will delay your order.  Additionally, these changes are only relevant for that specific order. To permanently edit this address, please contact us.

Yes, this can be done through updating the ‘Manage Site Preferences’ section on your profile.

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