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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and QuEChERS

Solid Phase Microextraction

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a technique designed for rapid and selective sample preparation and purification, prior to chromatographic analysis. The multitude of available phase chemistries can be packed into an array of hardware formats such as individual cartridges, 96-well plates, and QuEChERS tubes (dispersive SPE), which can be processed using a vacuum manifold and dedicated accessories.

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Prepacked Supelco® Discovery® DSC 18 SPE cartridges

SPE Cartridges

We offer a diverse range of SPE-phase chemistries and cartridges ideal for many applications including pharmaceutical, clinical, food and beverage, environmental, petrochemical, and agriculture. The phase chemistry selection allows users to screen for the retention and selectivity required to achieve sample preparation objectives.

Discovery® DSC-18 Supelco® 96 well plate assembly for high throughput pharmaceutical screening and analysis

SPE Well Plates

Our SPE plates allow users to process up to 96 samples simultaneously for increased reproducibility and throughput, while maintaining excellent recoveries and increased sensitivity. 96-well plates offer compatibility with multi-channel pipettors and automation and are available with silica sorbent and polymeric adsorbent.

Centrifuge tube containing pre-determined amount of Supel™ QuE Verde sorbent for dSPE in challenging green matrices.


The “QuEChERS” (Dispersive SPE, dSPE) method has emerged as a popular sample preparation technique in the area of multi-residue pesticide analysis for food and agricultural products. The QuEChERS technique offers the advantage of higher recoveries, accurate results, and high sample throughput.

HybridSPE® DPX tips provides an INTip solution for complete sample preparation.

DPX® Tips

Dispersive Pipette Extraction (DPX) tips provide an in tip solution for complete sample preparation that can be easily automated to achieve extraction in seconds. HybridSPE® sorbent material is loosely contained within a tip, for selective retention and removal of endogenous phospholipid interferences from biological matrices for LC-MS or LC-MS/MS analysis.

Supelclean™ ENVI™-8 DSK SPE membrane for faster processing of larger sample volumes


SPE disks are porous glass fiber membranes embedded with modified silica particles that provide fast flow rates for processing large sample volumes. We offer SPE disks that accommodate rapid organic contaminant extraction, making them ideal for the EPA 500 series, including 525.1 and 508.1.

Solid Phase Extraction Accessories

To facilitate sample preparation requirements, we offer a range of accessories including SPE tube components, elution racks, drying attachments, single SPE tube processors, vacuum pump trap kits, disk  holders, and vacuum manifolds.

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