Your Digital QC Companion for Sterility Testing & other Regulated Processes

M-Trace™ Software for Trusted & Efficient Data Recording

M-Trace™ Electronic Test Record Software

The M-Trace™ Software & Mobile App is your 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Digital QC companion for sterility testing and other regulated processes for trusted and efficient data recording!

  • Ensure full traceability and regulatory compliance from real-time, automatic, and complete recording of data for each of your QC tests 
  • Increase process safety with guided QC workflows and deviation alerts
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating paper-based documentation and digitizing recording and review processes
  • Facilitate automated control of your Steritest®  Symbio pump and greater connectivity of your testing data to your lab IT environment


Sterility Testing workflow creation with the M-Trace software

Create Custom Workflows

Digitalize your SOPs by creating fully customizable Master Test Records (MTRs) that will guide you through the workflow.

    M-Trace™ mobile app

    Connect information on samples, consumables, test points or devices, and test results from the lab or anywhere with the M-Trace™ Mobile App.

      Confirm by voice control all your Sterility testing steps

      Confirm the proper execution of a work step either by voice control or by machine-to-machine communication to allow real time documentation while your hands are busy with other tasks.

        Obtain Steritest Symbio pump parameters to monitor your process

        Obtain instrument parameters such as pump speed or pressure from instruments such as the Steritest® Symbio pump.

          Generate automatically a digital test report of your sterility testing

          A comprehensive report is automatically created containing all information on consumables used,  incidents that occurred, and confirmation  that each work step has been carried out as defined.

            21 CFR part 11 compliant user management system

            Define roles and user rights in the comprehensive and convenient 21 CFR part 11 compliant user management system.

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              Your 21 CFR part 11 digital QC companion for sterility testing and other regulated processes – for trusted and efficient data recording.

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              The software automizes and digitalizes all data recording steps during sterility testing and other quality control workflows.

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              21 CFR Part 11

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