Nanofibrillar Patches of Commensal Skin Bacteria.

Biomacromolecules (2018-07-07)
Karine Glinel, Adam Behrens, Robert S Langer, Ana Jaklenec, Alain M Jonas

We demonstrate entrapment of the commensal skin bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis in mats composed of soft nanotubes made by membrane-templated layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly. When cultured in broth, the resulting nanofibrillar patches efficiently delay the escape of bacteria and their planktonic growth, while displaying high steady-state metabolic activity. Additionally, the material properties and metabolic activity can be further tuned by postprocessing the patches with additional polysaccharide LbL layers. These patches offer a promising methodology for the fabrication of bacterial skin dressings for the treatment of skin dysbiosis while preventing adverse effects due to bacterial proliferation.

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Calcium chloride, anhydrous, granular, ≤7.0 mm, ≥93.0%
Sodium alginate