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Enantioselective Brønsted base catalysis with chiral cyclopropenimines.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2012-03-16)
Jeffrey S Bandar, Tristan H Lambert

Cyclopropenimines are shown to be a highly effective new class of enantioselective Brønsted base catalysts. A chiral 2,3-bis(dialkylamino)cyclopropenimine catalyzes the rapid Michael reaction of a glycine imine substrate with high levels of enantioselectivity. A preparative scale reaction to deliver 25 g of product is demonstrated, and a trivial large scale synthesis of the optimal catalyst is shown. In addition, the basicity of a 2,3-bis(dialkylamino)cyclopropenimine is measured for the first time and shown to be approximately equivalent to the P(1)-tBu phosphazene base. An X-ray crystal structure of the protonated catalyst is shown along with a proposed mechanistic and stereochemical rationale.

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(S)-2-(2,3-Bis(dicyclohexylamino)cyclopropenimine)-3-phenylpropan-1-ol hydrochloride, ≥95%

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