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  • Dopamine D2 receptor stimulation differentially affects voltage-activated calcium channels in rat pituitary melanotropic cells.

Dopamine D2 receptor stimulation differentially affects voltage-activated calcium channels in rat pituitary melanotropic cells.

The Journal of physiology (1992-05-01)
J A Keja, J C Stoof, K S Kits

1. Whole-cell voltage clamp recordings were made from 141 rat pituitary melanotropic cells in short-term, serum-free, primary culture. The effects of the dopamine D2 receptor agonist, LY 171555, on sodium, potassium and barium currents were investigated. 2. Application of 1 microM-LY 171555 did not affect the inward sodium and outward potassium currents. 3. Application of LY 171555 reversibly inhibited barium currents, with the strongest inhibition on the early inward current. The effect was dose dependent (IC50 = 4 x 10(-8) M), maximal inhibition of the total current was 30% and the LY 171555-induced block (1 microM) was reversibly antagonized by (+/-)sulpiride (4 microM). 4. Using barium-selective saline solutions, different types of barium current (T, N, and two L components) were identified on the basis of their voltage-dependent kinetics. Their relative amplitudes differed between cells. 5. The T-type current activated at potentials positive to -60 mV, reaching peak amplitude between -20 and -10 mV. At -30 mV, this current was inhibited up to 30% by 1 microM-LY 171555. The time constants of activation (10-3 ms) and inactivation (50-20 ms) as well as the voltage dependence of inactivation (potential of half-maximal inactivation (H), -61 mV; slope factor (S), 4.9 mV) were not affected by LY 171555 application. 6. A rapidly inactivating (time constants 100-50 ms), high threshold current component was identified as an N-type current. This current activated at command potentials positive to -30 mV and reached a maximal amplitude at +10 mV. The steady-state inactivation was described by a single Boltzmann equation with H = -65 mV and S = 11.7 mV. Application of 1 microM-LY 171555 completely suppressed this current. 7. The slowly inactivating (time constants > 1500 ms), high-threshold, L-type current displayed the same voltage dependence of activation as the N current. The voltage dependence of inactivation was modelled by the sum of two Boltzmann equations (L1: H1 = -45 mV, S1 = 13.0 mV; L2:H2 = -11 mV, S2 = 6.0 mV), indicating the existence of two L channel populations. Neither time course, nor voltage dependence of inactivation were influenced by LY 171555. However, LY 171555 induced a slow-down in the time course of activation, which necessitated the use of two time constants to model the activation kinetics. One of these (approximately 2 ms) was also observed under control conditions.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)

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