S(1S) production following electron impact on thiophosgene (Cl2CS).

The Journal of chemical physics (2004-07-23)
W Kedzierski, J Borbely, J Mutus, S Amlin, J W McConkey

A special xenon matrix detector has been used to study the production of S(1S) following controlled electron impact on thiophosgene (Cl2CS) targets over an electron energy range from threshold to 400 eV. Time-of-flight spectroscopy has been used to measure S(1S) fragment kinetic energies. Fragments with energies in excess of 1 eV have been observed. The absolute cross section for S(1S) production reaches a maximum of [1.05+/-0.35] x 10(-18) cm2 at approximately 125 eV impact energy. Two different fragmentation processes, involving triplet and singlet excited states of the parent Cl2CS molecule, have been identified.

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