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Breakthrough behavior of diethyl sulphide vapor on active carbon systems.

Journal of hazardous materials (2006-08-26)
Beer Singh, G K Prasad, T H Mahato, K Sekhar

Breakthrough behavior of diethyl sulphide vapors on carbon systems such as active carbon, NaOH/CrO3/C, NaOH/CrO3/EDA/C and RuCl3/C has been studied by using modified Wheeler equation and the same was used to calculate the pseudo-first-order rate constant (kv) and kinetic saturation of capacity (W(e)) values. Effects of various parameters such as bed height, air flow rate, concentration and temperature on the above parameters have also been studied. Rate constant was found to be increasing with air flow rate, while W(e) was found to be invariable. Both kv and W(e) decreased with the increase in temperature, however, no significant effect on W(e) and kv was observed due to concentration change. The values of kinetic saturation capacity were used to predict the service lives/breakthrough times of carbon beds (when used in filtration systems).

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