• Comparison of selective media for assay of coliphages in sewage effluent and lake water.

Comparison of selective media for assay of coliphages in sewage effluent and lake water.

Applied and environmental microbiology (1985-01-01)
J E Kennedy, G Bitton, J L Oblinger

Selective media, including EC medium, gram-negative broth, nutrient broth (with 0.05% sodium deoxycholate), and lactose broth (with 0.05% sodium deoxycholate), as well as nonselective nutrient and lactose broths, were compared for the enumeration of coliphages by the agar layer method from activated-sludge effluent and eutrophic-lake water from a lake receiving treated sewage effluent. Samples were plated directly or after chloroform treatment with Escherichia coli B, E. coli C, or a mixed host of both E. coli B and C. With the exception of gram-negative broth, direct assays of all samples with the selective media generally resulted in significantly higher (P less than 0.05) recoveries of coliphages than did assays of chloroform-treated samples with nutrient broth medium regardless of the host used. In addition, chloroform pretreatment resulted in decreased recovery of coliphages with each selective medium in most analyses. The highest recoveries of coliphages from all samples with each host, except lake water with E. coli C, were obtained by direct assay on EC medium. The selectivity of the EC and gram-negative media resulted in suppression of bacterial interference on direct assay plates comparable to that observed in nutrient agar medium with chloroform-treated samples. The use of certain selective media for the direct assay of environmental materials for coliphage may enhance the recovery of coliphages and obviate bacterial decontamination procedures.

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