• Developmental origin of smooth muscle cells in the descending aorta in mice.

Developmental origin of smooth muscle cells in the descending aorta in mice.

Development (Cambridge, England) (2008-04-18)
Per Wasteson, Bengt R Johansson, Tomi Jukkola, Silke Breuer, Levent M Akyürek, Juha Partanen, Per Lindahl

Aortic smooth muscle cells (SMCs) have been proposed to derive from lateral plate mesoderm. It has further been suggested that induction of SMC differentiation is confined to the ventral side of the aorta, and that SMCs later migrate to the dorsal side. In this study, we investigate the origin of SMCs in the descending aorta using recombination-based lineage tracing in mice. Hoxb6-cre transgenic mice were crossed with Rosa 26 reporter mice to track cells of lateral plate mesoderm origin. The contribution of lateral plate mesoderm to SMCs in the descending aorta was determined at different stages of development. SMC differentiation was induced in lateral plate mesoderm-derived cells on the ventral side of the aorta at embryonic day (E) 9.0-9.5, as indicated by expression of the SMC-specific reporter gene SM22alpha-lacZ. There was, however, no migration of SMCs from the ventral to the dorsal side of the vessel. Moreover, the lateral plate mesoderm-derived cells in the ventral wall of the aorta were replaced by somite-derived cells at E10.5, as indicated by reporter gene expression in Meox1-cre/Rosa 26 double transgenic mice. Examination of reporter gene expression in adult aortas from Hoxb6-cre/Rosa 26 and Meox1-cre/Rosa 26 double transgenic mice suggested that all SMCs in the adult descending aorta derive from the somites, whereas no contribution was recorded from lateral plate mesoderm.

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