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Platinum clusters with precise numbers of atoms for preparative-scale catalysis.

Nature communications (2017-09-28)
Takane Imaoka, Yuki Akanuma, Naoki Haruta, Shogo Tsuchiya, Kentaro Ishihara, Takeshi Okayasu, Wang-Jae Chun, Masaki Takahashi, Kimihisa Yamamoto

Subnanometer noble metal clusters have enormous potential, mainly for catalytic applications. Because a difference of only one atom may cause significant changes in their reactivity, a preparation method with atomic-level precision is essential. Although such a precision with enough scalability has been achieved by gas-phase synthesis, large-scale preparation is still at the frontier, hampering practical applications. We now show the atom-precise and fully scalable synthesis of platinum clusters on a milligram scale from tiara-like platinum complexes with various ring numbers (n = 5-13). Low-temperature calcination of the complexes on a carbon support under hydrogen stream affords monodispersed platinum clusters, whose atomicity is equivalent to that of the precursor complex. One of the clusters (Pt

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1-Octanethiol, ≥98.5%

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