Seamless Connected Laboratory Solutions

Seamless Connected Laboratory Solutions


Our webinar Titration and Lab 4.0, Full Traceability & Data Integrity on a New Level with 3S Reagents, is available on-demand. Watch it here

 Connect your lab for assured data integrity

In the fast-paced world of routine lab testing, easy, secure and reliable transfer of data for method execution and documentation is essential. Digitalization and connectivity are the key phrases often used to describe the demand for smart, fast and seamless access to the required data. Our Supelco® digital solutions can help make your daily analytical work safer, simpler and more efficient, to ensure the most accurate results.


Titration goes digital - Smart Chemicals
Titration goes digital - Smart Chemicals
• Secure data transfer
• Ease of use
• Extended quality management
• Improved efficiency


2D Data Barcode
2D Data Barcode

• Easy, quick and convenient access
  to product & safety data
• Mobile access via App & direct
  processing in LIMS or ERP
• Simple access via website with
  a hand-held scanner
MQuant® StripScan App
MQuant® StripScan App

• Analytical smartphone app for pH and
  chemical determination with test strips -
  no more color guessing!
• Reliable and traceable results
• Advanced data analysis and export
  via web platform
LANEXO™ System

Through digital data capture via
RFID labels, LANEXO™ System
improves inventory efficiency,
decreases safety risks and
facilitates GxP compliance in lab.


Titration goes digital – 3S reagents
Titration goes Digital - 3S Reagents for Volumetric Titration
• Safe chemical handling
• Smart connection of chemical
• Secure information transfer

Spectroquant® Prove Connect
Spectroquant® Prove Connect

• Allows easy integration into
  your LIMS and ELN ecosystem
• Connect your Prove via LAN
• Supports CSV and XML data formats

Proficiency Testing (PT) Portal
Proficiency Testing (PT) Portal

Visit our Proficiency Testing (PT) Portal now to register as a new user, enter your data, download reporting packets, or access final results.


Sample smarter with Supelco® SPME fibers
Sample smarter with Supelco® SPME fibers
• Traceability: monitor usage, stroke
  count, and temperature exposure
• Ease-of-use: automatic application of
  correct SPME fiber coating parameters
• Increased productivity: fully automated
  for high throughput sample preparation
Spectroquant® Data Transfer
Spectroquant® Data Transfer

No matter where you need your data – the Spectroquant® Data Transfer Unit allows you to transfer, print and store your measurements.

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