Spectrophotometer for Water, Food & Environmental Analysis: Spectroquant® Prove

Simplicity, security, and durability are united in this spectrophotometer family. Three versions are available to meet a range of water, food and environmental testing needs. All instruments are conveniently preprogrammed for use with our extensive range of Spectroquant® tests and test kits.

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Routine Applications –
Spectroquant® Prove 100

Spectroquant Prove 100

High quality, economical VIS spectrophotometer. Ideal for routine applications such as wastewater analysis. Preprogrammed for our broad range of test kits. Add wastewater to the sample, insert cuvette/cell, and read results.

Sensitive Measurements –
Spectroquant® Prove 300

Spectroquant Prove 300

UV/VIS spectrophotometer with long lasting xenon lamp supporting intensive use. UV and VIS channels provide analysis flexibility. Ideal for sensitive analysis of drinking water and beverages.

Complex Analyses –
Spectroquant® Prove 600

Spectroquant Prove 600

This compact spectrophotometer is designed for complex kinetics, spectral measurements, and for use with our Spectroquant® test kits. Utilizes high quality UV/VIS optics and accommodates up to a 100 mm cuvette. Ideal for detecting the low levels of impurities to prevent damages to cooling and boiler water systems.

Instrument Comparison Select the right Spectroquant® Prove instrument for your business by comparing all features of Prove 100, 300 and 600 at a glance.

Measuring technology Spectrophotometer with reference
beam technology
Prove 100 Prove 300 Prove 600
Wavelength range VIS (320-1100 nm)
UV (190-320 nm)  
Lamp type Tungsten halogen lamp    
Xenon flash lamp  
Ambient light protection Measurement with open shaft possible due to
proprietary solution (patent pending)
Spectral bandwidth 4 nm  
1.8 nm    
Smart Screen Display Resistive touch screen  
P-cap glass touch screen    
Live ID System 2-D Barcode recognition for cell tests
and reagent tests
Barcode contains lot, expiry, and
calibration data.
Data stored with each measurement.
Cell size 16 mm round cells, 10, 20 and 50 mm
rectangular cells with automatic recognition
100 mm rectangular cells with automatic recognition    
Cell holder Removable for easy cleaning
Methods Programmed methods of all
Spectroquant® cell and reagent tests,
99 user defined methods,
20 profiles for kinetics and absorbance
scans each
Applications Free preprogrammed applications:
Bromate, Brewery packages
(MEBAK/EBC methods),
Sugar (ICUMSA), Oil (DOBI, olive oil)
AQA Prime Individual settings for all methods in
AQA 1 (instrument check) and
AQA 2 mode (system check)
and pipette check
Sample matrix check Easy access through setting menu to
perform instrument supported
matrix check for each method
Software updates Free method updates on
our website
Languages Navigation in 28 built-in languages
Communication interfaces USB: 2 x USB-A (for printer,
USB memory devices,
keyboard or barcode reader),
1 x USB-B; Ethernet:
LAN connection, Prove Connect


Feature explanation:

  • Live ID system – 2-D bar code recognition for cell and reagent tests
    Live ID is a new, 2-D data-rich identification system printed on our cell and reagent tests. Unlike other barcodes it transfer not only automatically important data to the spectrophotometers such as method recognition, lot number, and expiry date. The “live” calibration updates guarantees your results are always correct and traceable.
    A new dimension in security as Prove reads the code, detects the method and selects the right settings. Specific lot number and expiry date are saved with each result to simplify your documentation and streamline audits.
  • Ambient light protection – open door measurements
    Innovative ambient light protection allows open door measurements due to proprietary solution for convenient easy analysis of multiple samples. (Patent pending)
  • Preprogrammed methods supports over 180 Spectroquant® cell and reagent test kits
    Spectroquant® Prove offers direct insertion of round cell tests without opening any lids. You have both hand free for the job.
    Over 180 Spectroquant® cell or reagent tests provides you a broad range of preprogrammed test.
    Cell tests includes all reagents you need for your analysis and with the Live ID barcode printed on the cell they are ready to use out of the box.
    Reagent test with AutoSelector are economical test kits contain highly stable reagent mixtures and allow you to choose the cell format that suits your measuring. An AutoSelector with the Live ID code is provided in each kit.
  • Intuitive smart screen displays for simple, seamless menu navigation
    Smart touch screens for simple, seamless menu navigation in 28 languages.
    Resistive touch screens for the Prove 100 and Prove 300.
    The Prove 600 comes along with a projected capacitive glass touch screen (PCAP).
  • AQA Prime – a new level of security in analytical quality assurance
    AQA prime offers a clear overview of AQA status, information, updates and options with justone touch. Individual settings for all methods in Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) modes
    AQA1 (instrument check),
    AQA2 (system check) – (now easier as Prove is preprogrammed for all Spectroquant® standards
    and Pipette check
  • Long-life Lamp – brilliant durability and economy
    New reference beam technology in minimizes costs and efforts of replacing lamps by using:
    Tungsten halogen lamp for VIS measurements in Prove 100
    Xenon flash lamp for UV/ VIS measurements in Prove 300 and Prove 600.
  • Custom measurements & data – easy adjustments for every need
    Several modification can be made easily using the setting icon as Simultaneous display absorption and concentration, and turbidity correction, or add the dilution factor for each sample, etc..
    Data on demand by customizable data for every documentation. All your results can be given in a clear, concise list. Filter options allow your view by date, keywords, method, etc. Enjoy maximum flexibility in minimum steps.
  • Data Exchange – facile fast and flexible transfers – Prove Connect
    Multiple and easy ways to move your date to other devices. Use USB or Ethernet ports for connection to your printer, memory devices, keyboards or bar code readers (2x USB-A port for printer, keyboards, memory devices or bar code readers and 1x USB-B port for Ethernet and LAN connection)
    Prove Connect
    offers direct data transfer either to your ELN/LIMS systems or to the Dashboard Service. The Prove Connect Dashboard Service expands your connectivity by accessing your data from various devices (Mobile, PC, and Tablet). Display and print your data in reports or trend diagrams.
  • Reliable measuring technology and maximum sensitivity
    Spectrophotometer with reference beam technology. Spectral bandwidth 4 nm (Prove 100) 1.8nm (Prove 300 and Prove 600). Every Prove model recognizes 16mm round cells as well as 10, 20, 50 mm cells. For even greater sensitivity, Prove 600 is compatible with 100 mm cells. Simply remove the round cell holder and insert your 100mm cell.
  • Preprogrammed Applications and free additional methods
    To facilitate your analyses Spectroquant® Prove offers free, preprogrammed procedures such as Brewery methods (MEBAK / EBC / ASBC), Sugar (ICUMSA),Oil (DOBI, olive oil), or Bromate in drinking water.
  • Additionally you will find over 280 application notes for various test scenarios on our homepage: Application Notes Photometry/Reflectometry
  • Furthermore the Spectroquant® Prove allow to save 99 user defined methods and 20 different profiles for absorbance and kinetics scans each.
  • Easy Cleaning due to removable cell holder
    Intelligent design makes it easy to keep Spectroquant® Prove instruments in top form even if something spilled in the sample compartment. Simply remove, clean it with water, dry it and be ready for your next analysis.
  • Individual measuring ranges
    Set your own limits. With Prove you can assign your own measuring ranges to monitor results within limits to visualize expected ranges or simplify your trend analyses.
  • Matrix Check – easily detect interferences
    The new Matrix Check makes it easier to spot foreign substances in your samples. The system guides you through the entire process just by press the setting icon and select Matrix Check after your measurement.
  • Multi lingual navigation
    29 built in languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Chinese Trad., Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese
  • Compactness and technical dimensions
    W 42 cm, D 28 cm, H 24 cm. Prove is built with a robust surfaces resistant to most chemicals used in labs.
  • Free software updates
    Free method updates on the Spectroquant® Prove homepage available.

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Product No. Description
173016 Spectroquant® Prove 100
173017 Spectroquant® Prove 300
173018 Spectroquant® Prove 600

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