DEA Drug Reference Materials Available from Sigma-Aldrich

By: Vicki Yearick, Reporter US Edition 25.5

We offer more than 2000 drug compounds as reference materials for use by toxicologists, forensic scientists, and medical researchers. The large collection of drug compounds includes controlled substances as defined by the Single Convention On Narcotic Drugs Treaty of 1961. This international treaty serves as the foundation for global drug control. Under this treaty, controlled substances are further classified as Schedule I, II, III, IV or V drugs. This classification is based on the degree to which dependency or drug induced physical and/or psychological impairment may occur (refer to Table 1).

Definitions for Schedule I-V Drugs

In the United States, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulates manufacturing, importation, and sale of these controlled substances. DEA drug compounds available from us include the true illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine, therapeutic drugs that are commonly abused like the benzodiazepines, and drug metabolites. All drug compounds are of the highest quality possible to meet the needs of forensic investigators and medical personnel.

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Packaging and Documentation

DEA drug compounds are offered as neat and single component solutions, in labeled and non-labeled forms. Neat compounds are available in a variety of milligram and gram packaging configuration, with larger packages available upon request. These pure compounds are shipped with a data sheet that describes the drug’s physical properties and provides the purity of the drug lot.

Single component solutions are prepared from carefully analyzed pure solids and packaged in flame sealed ampules. A certificate of analysis is supplied with every purchase and is also easily accessible at

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Ordering Information

US Customers

Orders for neat controlled substances must be placed in writing and are available only to those licensed by the DEA. Telephone orders will not be accepted. For information on obtaining a DEA license, contact the DEA at 800-882-9539 or visit

Orders for Schedule I and II neat drugs will also require the submission of DEA Form 222. Instructions on how to properly complete and submit the form can be found by calling 800-521-8956, ext. 2595. If you do not know the drug’s schedule number, please visit our website where information on the drug’s classification can be found under the product listing.

Single component drug solutions prepared in methanol are considered exempt. No DEA license or Form 222 need be submitted to purchase these materials.

Outside of the US

For DEA sales outside of the USA, you may be required to submit an import license or import permit issued by your government agency that corresponds to the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Contact your local Sigma-Aldrich office if you are not sure which documents are required.

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