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Liquid on Paper: Rapid Prototyping of Soft Functional Components for Paper Electronics.

Scientific reports (2015-07-02)
Yu Long Han, Hao Liu, Cheng Ouyang, Tian Jian Lu, Feng Xu

This paper describes a novel approach to fabricate paper-based electric circuits consisting of a paper matrix embedded with three-dimensional (3D) microchannels and liquid metal. Leveraging the high electric conductivity and good flowability of liquid metal, and metallophobic property of paper, it is possible to keep electric and mechanical functionality of the electric circuit even after a thousand cycles of deformation. Embedding liquid metal into paper matrix is a promising method to rapidly fabricate low-cost, disposable, and soft electric circuits for electronics. As a demonstration, we designed a programmable displacement transducer and applied it as variable resistors and pressure sensors. The unique metallophobic property, combined with softness, low cost and light weight, makes paper an attractive alternative to other materials in which liquid metal are currently embedded.

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Gallium–Indium eutectic, Ga 75.5%⁄ In 24.5%, ≥99.99% trace metals basis

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