Products for the Petrochemical Industry

The oil industry’s success in accelerating the global economy depends upon safe, reliable and efficient processes to ensure that consumers receive a consistent flow of high-quality petroleum products. We are committed to make QC & Analytical Testing more efficient and productive with our portfolio of reliable and proven analytical products.

We can help you with:

Lab Efficiency & Productivity
Making analytical testing in development & QC more efficient and reliable
Green Chemistry
Developing greener products & solutions that help customers minimize environmental impacts
Safety in the Lab
Safety features for our lab products make it easier to work safely and conveniently
Digital Connectivity
Digital solutions for seamlessly connecting your lab instrumentation, data, and users
Compliant EHS Solutions
Offering comprehensive and compliant environmental and industrial hygiene monitoring solutions
Difficult Sample Matrix Analyses
Complete sample prep and filtration workflow solutions for analytical petrochemical applications


 Analytical Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

We combine your long-standing excellence in small to medium scale petrochemical processing with our extensive expertise in analytical testing for development and QC, as well as tools for environmental and industrial hygiene monitoring to support your workflows.

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GCC 2019 highlights: Optimizing Ionic Liquid GC, Digital Connectivity in the Lab, Petroleum Analytical Testing

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