Immobilon® GO Immunodetection Device

Walk-away Western Blot Immunodetection

Immunodetection in Western blotting usually takes four hours or more, with frequent manual intervention by the person performing the technique. Immobilon® GO simplifies the immunodetection process by eliminating those tedious, manual steps. Simply load the Immobilon® GO device with your blot, blocking buffer, wash buffer, and primary and secondary antibody solutions. Once setup is complete, no manual intervention is required—and you are free to focus on other tasks.

How does Immobilon® GO work?

Immobilon® GO applies the principles of lateral flow immunoassays to Western blot immunodetection, saving time and improving productivity in your lab. This automated approach can also reduce the variability that arises from the manual application of blocking, antibody, and washing solutions.

Video: Immobilon® GO and Sequential Lateral Flow

Benefits of adding Immobilon® GO to your Western blot protocol

Walk-away Western blot immunodetection
• Load your blot with blocking, wash and antibody solutions, and move on to other tasks
• Return in 3 hours (or the next morning) to apply detection substrate, image, and analyze your results

Open system

• Use standard buffers and your preferred primary and secondary antibodies
• Compatible with chemiluminescent or fluorescent detection

No hardware to buy

• Simple, consumable device

Immunoblot detection of Akt1 in cell lysate using Immobilon® GO

Anti-Akt1 (04-796), 1 mL at 1:500 dilution

Anti-rabbit HRP (AP132P), 1 mL at 1: 10,000 dilution

Immobilon® Forte Western HRP Substrate

Anti-Akt1 (04-796), 1 mL at 1:2,500 dilution

Anti-rabbit HRP (AP132P), 1 mL at 1: 10,000 dilution

Immobilon® ECL Ultra Western HRP Substrate

2-fold serial dilutions of cell lysate were separated on an SDS-PAGE gel and transferred to Immobilon-P PVDF membrane. Immunodetection was performed in Immobilon® GO using standard TBS-T buffer with 2% non-fat dry milk.