AFS® E High Throughput – Water Purification Systems for Clinical Analyzers

The most advanced water purification systems range to ensure the best lab productivity

AFS® E systems have been developed to provide an economical and reliable high-performance water purification solution for analyzers with pure water needs up to 3000 L daily. In busy and demanding biomedical laboratories, having a robust and low-maintenance system is key to smooth and uninterrupted daily lab operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Directly from tap water, AFS® E systems have been designed to deliver consistent water quality that exceeds Clinical and Laboratory Standards institute® (CLSI®) clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) standards. This means accurate and reproducible diagnostic test results.
  • The AFS® E systems incorporate the latest and most advanced water purification technologies, such as our Elix® electrodeionization module and E.R.A.™ (Evolutive Reject Adjustment) technology, making it easy for biomedical lab users to focus on their work, save time, and reduce running costs.
  • These systems are quiet, compact and mobile, so they can be placed wherever it’s convenient in the lab.
  • In addition, thanks to connectivity, authorized users enjoy 24/7 real-time remote monitoring and remote control of their water purification systems. This helps maximize uptime for the water purification system and analyzers alike.

Water Applications

Biomedical Applications

  • Chemistry, Immunochemistry
  • Automation
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Histology
  • Molecular biology

Water Specifications

AFS® E High Throughput (AFS® 40E / 80E / 120E / 150E)
Resistivity at 25°C
> 15  MΩ.cm
TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Typically < 30 ppb
Microorganisms Typically < 1 cfu/mL
Dissolved silica < 0.05 mg/L
Production flow rate 40 L/h up to 150 L/h
Distribution flow rate to analyzers 4 L/min
Distribution pressure to analyzers Adjustable : 0.9 up to 2.1 bar*

Video – Discover the Elix® Electrodeionization (EDI) Technology