mAb Product Characterization

mAb product characterization

Choosing the right partner for product characterization services is critical when moving your monoclonal antibody (mAb) from concept to clinic. We work with you to de-risk the development and manufacturing process, expediting product quality decisions at critical junctures.  

Pre-configured, off-the-shelf assay packages designed to speed time to actionable data

Our comprehensive program reveals the true identity of your molecule through every phase of development, ensuring your biotherapy’s safety, purity, and potency. Select from one of our mAb-based assay packages or a custom assay tailored to your biologic. You’re one partner away from bringing your biotherapy to life.

To discuss your specialized needs and take the next step in securing the future of your biotherapy, contact our product characterization experts.

An adaptive partner with specialist expertise

To help you bring safe new treatments to market, BioReliance® Testing Services offers a broad portfolio of biotherapy characterization, safety testing, and process development, through every step of development, from drug discovery to market approval. Our experienced teams paired with our operational expertise and deep regulatory understanding help you minimize risk at every step of your process.

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