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Tips & Tricks Guide to SMC® High Sensitivity Biomarker Analysis

Empower your biomarker research to go beyond the limitations of traditional immunoassays with Single Molecule Counting (SMC®) technology. We’ve compiled tips and tricks, straight from the experts, in this guide to high sensitivity biomarker analysis including tips on how to accurately analyze samples on the ultrasensitive SMCxPRO® detection platform and tricks to take SMC® assays even further, such as automating the workflow, and more.

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Tips for Running SMC® Kits

Read these articles full of expert advice to start running SMC® kits like a pro.

  • How to Pipet: Learn how to enhance your sample preparation with forward pipetting and reverse pipetting with a short video.
  • Step-By-Step Guide to Running SMC® Assays: See how easy it is to run SMC® assays from start to finish, from reconstituting the standard to elution and neutralization, with videos at each step.

Tips for using the SMCxPRO® Platform

All SMC® kits are run on the ultrasensitive, fluidics-free SMCxPRO® immunoassay platform. Check out these articles for tips on correctly using this platform to get the most out of your precious samples.

Tricks to Enhance SMC® Workflows

Explore articles full of tricks that will optimize your SMC® workflows to your specific research needs.

Ensure Thorough Plate Washing

Use ancillary equipment and kits specifically designed for SMC® technology. For example:

Workflow Automation

Help reduce sources of variability and error from manual labor by automating the SMC® immunoassay workflow with the Hamilton Microlab® STARlet liquid handling workstation.

Data Analysis

Easily evaluate your assay data at the single assay level, over multiple plates, or over multiple lots with Belysa® Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software.

Custom Services

Don’t see what you need in our list of SMC® kits? View these FAQs on our custom services to see how we can partner with you to develop a project specific to your requirements.

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