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MISSION® shRNA Lentiviral Transduction

MISSION<sup>®</sup> shRNA Target Set

Figure 1.Five individual clones from MISSION® shRNA Target Set NM_002467 were co-transfected with a lentivirus packaging plasmid into HEK 293T cells. The resulting lentiviral particles were used to infect the human lung cancer cell line, H1299. 24 hours post-infection, 2.5 mg/mL of puromycin was added to select for infected cells. Infection efficiency was approximately 95%. 72 hours post-selection, cells were harvested. C-MYC message RNA level was detected by real-time PCR. Actin mRNA was used as an internal control.

c-MYC shRNA Target Set

Figure 2.Protein lysates from the shRNA infected cells were analyzed by western blotting using a c-MYC antibody. C-MYC protein levels corresponds to the mRNA knockdown shown in Figure 1.

Data generously provided by Dr. Steven B. McMahon, The Wistar Institute

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