Cell Therapy Manufacturing

On the cutting edge of regenerative medicine, you need a partner with a proven track record of advancing cellular therapy product development and manufacturing, and the ability to adapt to your needs.

Already your trusted expert in Life Science, we provide optimized cell therapy manufacturing platforms, media and reagents, characterization tools, process development services, and testing – all required to tackle the bottlenecks of cell therapy commercialization.

Bulk Media Preparation
As your cell therapy progresses from preclinical studies to manufacturing, you need a partner who can meet your bulk media preparation needs at both scales.
  • Water Purification
  • Mobius® Mixers
  • Mobius® Assemblies and Storage Systems
  • Sterile Filters


Acoustic Cell Therapy Processing
Imagine one technology adaptable to many cell therapy manufacturing processes. Our ekko™ cell processing system has it covered.
  • Concentration and wash
  • Aggregate Processing
  • Perfusion


Process Development Services

We provide optimized cell therapy manufacturing platforms, media and reagents, characterization tools and testing to tack the bottleneck of cell therapy commercialization.
  • Process Development Services for Cell Therapy Manufacturing
  • Media Screening
  • Cost Modeling
  • And more


Cell Culture Media and Supplements
We offer cell culture products validated for several different cell therapy applications and expansion formats.
  • Stemline Media
  • Classical Media
  • Custom Media Formulation
  • Growth Factors and Cytokines


Our downstream solutions are optimized for cell therapy manufacturing and enable effective high cell recovery.
  • Phosphate Buffered Saline
  • Cell Detachment Solution
  • Recombinant Trypsin
  • Trypsin Inhibitor


BioReliance® Pharma & Biopharma Manufacturing & Testing Services
Manufacturing and testing are intrinsically linked. We are a leader in comprehensive biosafety testing and cell bank storage.
  • Biologics Safety Testing
  • Product Characterization
  • Biomanufacturing Services


Microcarrier-based bioreactor expansion of adherent cells improves economics and efficiency in cell therapy manufacturing.
  • Mobius® 3L Bioreactors
  • Mobius® 50L and 200L Bioreactors


We help meet the challenges of cryopreservation through high quality reagents used for effective supply chain management.
  • Emprove® Expert Pharma Grade DMSO
  • DMSO-Free Cryopreservative


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We are devoted to meeting all your cell therapy manufacturing needs. Our extensive expertise and manufacturing experience make us an ideal partner to advance and translate your work to cell therapy success. Connect with us today to discuss your specific application.