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Pharmaceutical analysis and quality control (QC) testing compliance with international pharmacopoeia specifications is critical from early stage drug development to release.

Trust our analytical chemistry and microbiology testing portfolio, services and technical solutions  to ensure your small molecules, large molecules (biologics or biosimilars) are developed, manufactured, released with the highest degree of safety, purity, and potency as per Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and regulatory compliance requirements.

Looking for ADME/DMPK, Drug Product characterization, API Stability, Impurity Profiling, Dissolution Testing or USP/EP Monograph testing?

We have the fit for purpose products and expertise to help you feel secured about your small molecule, peptide, protein, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody drugs conjugates (ADCs), or excipient analysis.

Discover our complete portfolio solutions at each stage of your pharmaceutical analysis and QA/QC workflow at the bottom of this page.

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From sampling to final small molecules release, our complete solutions through the entire workflow help you meet the highest quality standards and regulatory demands. Find your ideal products here!



Biopharmaceutical drugs, biosimilars are complex to characterize and quantify. Our products, techniques and experts can support you to ensure a robust and well specified drug with the highest degree of quality and compliance. Read more.

We comply with numerous global standards, such as ISO, ACS, USP, PhEur and FDA CFR’s. We offer compliance guaranteed analytical and microbial testing products and provide regulatory guidance throughout the entire workflow. Read more

Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Biosimilars analysis and quality control (QC) workflow

From discovery to analytical and microbial quality control (QC) for safe and regulatory compliant pharmaceutical, biologics, biosimilars release, trust our expertise and portfolio through all steps of the drug development, manufacturing, quality control testing process.

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Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Biosimilars analysis and quality control workflow



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Microbial QC

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