Cell Design Studio

The Cell Design Studio team at Sigma-Aldrich is made up of experienced, dedicated scientists who work to provide solutions for your biological questions. With in-house access to CRISPR, zinc finger nuclease, and shRNA technologies, our experts can rapidly generate knockouts, knockins, and gene corrections in a variety of mammalian cell lines. Whether you need a patient-derived iPS cell line with a disease SNP corrected, a cell line with GFP-tagged endogenous alleles for high-content screening, or a Cas9 expression line, Cell Design Studio has the tools and experience to meet your needs. We even offer a variety of functional assays to characterize your modified cells so they are ready-to-use the moment they reach your lab.

We have invested in a comprehensive, solutions-based engineering strategy and are dedicated to quality control. Our team is composed of experts who work to achieve second-to-none results, and our ultimate goal is to provide you not with a cell line, but with a solution. We focus on the cell engineering details so you can focus on the science. Contact us today to find out more.