Cell Design Studio - Custom Engineered Cell Lines Services


Cell Design Studio™ (CDS) is the cell line engineering service partner you can trust to create and deliver customized cellular models for your drug discovery and disease modeling research. With access to state-of-the-art genome editing technology (CRISPR, ZFN, and shRNA technologies), and innovative methods for clonal selection and isolation, CDS can generate knockout, knock-in, targeted integration modifications in any gene target and virtually any cell line. Whether you need a patient-derived iPS cell line with a disease SNP corrected, a novel immunotherapy target overexpressed in a cancer cell line, an endogenously-tagged fluorescent protein reporter cell line for high-content screening, or a Cas9 expression line, CDS has the tools and expertise to accelerate your drug discovery research efforts. Our cell line engineering experts create genetically-engineered cells modified to customer specifications for the following research applications:

Genome Editing Technologies


Immunotherapy Research:

  • CAR-T Target Reporter Cell Line Generation
  • Solid Tumor Antigen Expression Cell Lines
  • Checkpoint Inhibitor Knockout & Overexpression Cell Lines
  • Therapeutic Antibody Knockout & Overexpression Cell Lines
  • T Cell Receptor Modifications
  • Engineered Cells for Cell/Gene Therapy Evaluation (RUO) prior to MCB Generation
  • Enhancement of Production Cell Lines for RUO


HTS Screening Cell Lines:

  • Reporter Cell Lines for High-Content Analysis and Phenotypic Screening
  • KO/KI Cell Lines for Target ID/Validation
  • Stable Cas9 Cell Lines for CRISPR Screening


Cell-Based Assays for Drug Discovery:

  • Custom Vector Synthesis
  • Cell Viability/Proliferation
  • Cell Migration/Localization
  • Apoptosis/Cell Death Detection
  • Directed Differentiation of iPS Cells
  • Copy Number Variation Analysis
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis


Customized Immunotherapy Research Models


Pluripotent Stem Cells & Primary Cells:

  • Isogenic IPS Cell Line Generation and SNP Modifications for Disease Modeling
  • Lineage Tagging and Reporter Cell Lines for Directed Differentiation Protocol Development
  • KO/KI Cell Lines for Drug Discovery
  • Cas9 overexpression for CRISPR screening
  • Safe-harbor Integration of dCas9-based Effectors


Research Tool Cell Lines:

  • Modular “Landing Pad” Cell Lines for Efficient Transgenic Expression
  • Universal Gene Editing Cell Lines
  • Safe-harbor Integration of Inducible Expression Cassettes and floxed Cas9 Cassettes


MilliporeSigma’s Gene Editing Tools Portfolio:


Every project is customized and validated to ensure quality-based solutions are delivered and meet expectations. Our ultimate goal is to provide you not with a cell line, but with a successful solution. Contact us today to find out more.