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New Predesigned MISSION siRNAs are now available based on the latest version of NCBI RefSeq. All previous Predesigned MISSION siRNAs will still be contained in YFG, but their rankings may have changed based on updated sequence information. The new siRNA sequences will have the designation 02 within the siRNA ID. For more information, contact

We have entered an exclusive partnership with Rosetta Inpharmatics, a leader in advanced siRNA research, to use the proprietary Rosetta siRNA Design Algorithm to design its MISSION line of siRNA. The Rosetta siRNA Design Algorithm utilizes Position-Specific Scoring Matrices (PSSM) and knowledge of the all-important siRNA seed region to predict the most effective and specific siRNA sequences for your target gene of interest. Additionally, the Rosetta siRNA Design Algorithm was developed utilizing data from over three years of gene-silencing experiments, ensuring that the algorithm’s in silico rules are guided and bolstered by real-world empirical evidence.


Two Scientists
  • Best-in-class, guaranteed gene silencing
  • Efficient knockdown of low abundance messages
  • siRNAs targeting every gene in the current human, mouse, and rat genomes
  • Simplify transfection optimization with 11 MISSION Positive Control siRNA
  • Over 700 MISSION predesigned siRNA have been functionally validated
  • Individual MISSION predesigned siRNA or Pre-arrayed siRNA Libraries

Validated Human MISSION siRNA

Many common gene targets, including VEGFC, PLK4, and JAK1, have been validated for ≥75% mRNA knockdown. Validated MISSION siRNA are suitable for transfection optimization and as positive controls.

Validation Data

Knockdown Graph
HeLa cells transfected at a concentration of 30 nM siRNA. Percentage remaining gene expression levels measured via quantitative real-time PCR 48 hours after transfection (relative to mock). Data represents the mean of four biological replicates.

siRNA pools

siRNA Pool

MISSION predesigned or custom siRNA(including modifications) are available in pooled format.

  • Yield: 2OD/10nmol per sequence*
  • Supplied as 5nmol per duplex in pool format, with 5nmol of the individual duplex also provided
  • Up to 4 duplexes/pool*
  • Purification: Desalt and HPLC*
  • Packaging: 1 tube containing pooled material, and individual tubes for each duplex ordered
  • Turn around Time: 7 business days

*Additional customization is available.
Note: Pools available in North America only at this time.
Please contact your local sales representative or email us at for additional information or to place your order.

Nano Scale siRNA

A convenient, cost-effective, and small scale siRNA screening option. Our MISSION siRNA Nano Scale targets are manufactured using an siRNA Design Algorithm that significantly reduces off-target effects and ensures effective target gene knockdown.

  • Available as individual siRNA targets or as a gene family set
  • siRNA targeting human kinases or phosphatases at the 0.25 nmol scale
  • 21mer siRNA duplexes with dTdT overhangs

MISSION siRNA Human Kinase Panel (Cat. No. SI02100)

  • Targets 719 kinase genes, encompassing 2,490 siRNA
  • Format: 96 well plates with 80 duplexes per plate; delivered dry with a final quantity of 0.25 nmol per duplex
  • First and last columns of the plate have been left empty for the addition of controls
  • Electronic file supplied including plate maps, target gene list and full sequence information

MISSION siRNA Human Phosphatase Panel (Cat. No. SI03200)

  • Targets 303 phosphatase genes, encompassing 1,131 siRNA
  • Format: 96 well plates; delivered dry with a final quantity of 0.25 nmol per duplex
  • First and last columns of the plate have been left empty for the addition of controls
  • Electronic file supplied including plate maps, target gene list and full sequence information

Ordering Information

You can now order predesigned MISSION siRNAs targeting kinase or phosphatase genes at the 0.25 nmol scale. Search alphabetically by gene symbol to easily find your individual MISSION siRNA Kinase or Phosphatase Nano Scale target.

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Pre-arrayed MISSION siRNA Libraries Ordering Information

MISSION siRNA Human Druggable Genome

MISSION siRNA Rat Druggable Genome

MISSION siRNA Mouse Kinase Library


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