More About Packaging & Labeling Branding Changes

Life Science Packaging & Labeling Branding Change

These changes include the rebranding of all of our products, and you will see changes to the following packaging and label materials:

  • Shipping boxes
  • Product and kit boxes
  • Labels on devices, bottles, product and shipping boxes
  • Packaging materials (such as branded bottles, films, bags, packing tape and drums)
  • Branding of product documentation (such as certificates of quality and analysis, handling instructions, MSDS, specification sheets and user guides)
  • Branded instruments and molded devices
  • Adding 2D Data Matrix Global Standards One (GS1) barcodes to most of our labels. We will not remove any legible information from the label, and any existing 1D barcodes will remain on our labels.
  • Enhancing the sustainability characteristics of our packaging.
  • Adding a new security feature to our labels to ensure the authenticity of our products. We are assessing multiple security features to determine which would be best for any given product label. Once a decision has been reached, we will properly communicate the change to anyone enrolled in the change notification process prior to implementation.
  • These enhancements do not include a change of primary packaging materials of construction.