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Our Approach

Our customers rely on our quality products, prompt deliveries and expert advisors to do their jobs. Above all though, our customers rely on our knack for innovation. Our scientists and engineers tirelessly work to develop novel approaches to new and age-old challenges.

We show our commitment to innovation through our financial investments as well. In 2022, we invested €399 million in R&D, supporting new innovations designed to meet our customers' most unmet needs – from antibodies to water purification systems. Innovation is visible when new products hit the shelves and when new services emerge. It’s also visible in our workspaces and new partnerships, driven in part by our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers.

Innovative Products

Our research teams develop innovative technologies for laboratory and life science applications in government and academic labs, the biopharmaceutical industry, the industrial sector and more.

We use technology to solve new challenges, like seamlessly implementing single-use technology into lab workflow. We also bring fresh eyes to age-old challenges, like finding the perfect filter for an experiment or sourcing pure lab water.

Innovative Spaces

Our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers offer vibrant spaces where our customers can explore ideas, learn new techniques, and work side-by-side with our scientists and engineers to solve critical process development challenges. This global network of non-GMP labs, designed specifically for customers, offer the flexibility to troubleshoot and test in our facility without impacting your production line. Located in key biopharma hubs around the world, our experts are ready to collaborate with your experts to solve your toughest problems – together.

See what M Lab™ Collaboration Centers offer.

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