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We offer a variety of nanoparticles that span the Periodic Table including gold, silver, iron oxide, metal & metal alloys, oxides, nitrides & ceramics. We also offer a wide range of nanowires, nanopowders & nanoparticle dispersions, magnetic nanopowders & particles and quantum dots. Organic nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene & graphene oxide, and fullerenes are available with different purity grades and surface modifications. We also offer dendrimers, which are organic nanomaterials with well-defined surface chemical groups and sizes suitable for drug delivery research and development.

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Mesoporous Materials, Nanoclays and Silsesquioxanes
Mesoporous Materials, Nanoclays & Silsesquioxanes
Mesoporous Materials



Nanomaterial Bioconjugation

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